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Facilities and wi-fi connection


The IMT Library is an academic library in which most of the spaces and services available are offered to both external users and institutional users (professors, students and researchers affiliated with the IMT School).

The Reading Room on the ground floor is in fact open to anyone who needs to consult, study, read or take advantage of our services. 



To use the reading room, external users are required to book a seat via Affluences.

  • Select our library and reserve a seat;
  • Enter your data and receive a confimation mail;
  • Once at the library, remember to scan the QRcode at the entrance in order to confirm your presence.

Please note that:

  • Seat reservation is mandatory for the reading room, but it is not necessary to consult reference materials, use library computers, or borrow books;

  • Reservation will be canceled in an hour, if the QRcode is not scanned.



A fixed PC workstation is available to users (over 18) to consult the library catalog, our databases and electronic resources under subscription (find out more).
In order to use them, you must request that library staff activate a session. The session lasts an hour and each user has two daily sessions at their disposal. 



On the bulletin boards on the ground floor you will find the latest library news, our reading recommendations, as well as newspapers and magazines to which we subscribe, available to users.
In the Conservatory (located in the former apse of the Church), library users can chat and eat. Here you will also find the restrooms, vending machines for snacks and hot drinks. 



External users (over 18) may request the release of their personal credentials to access the IMTLib WIFI service. The release of credentials takes place within 24 hours and allows users to connect to the network via their own devices.

The IMT School also subscribes to the Eduroam - EDUcation ROAMing service, which provides researchers, teachers and students enrolled in another university, network access at institutions other than their own, using their institutional credentials.

The IMTLib WIFI network and Eduroam connection services are provided free of charge.

Institutional users will receive their credentials directly from the IT Office at the beginning of their relationship with the School.



The lockers available in the library can be used to temporarily store – and always no later than the library closing time – small personal items. The key must be requested at the reception desk, showing an identification document.



The main building of the library houses the offices of IMT School researchers and professors . Access to the area is restricted to institutional users.

PhD students of the IMT School in need of an office, where they can study in pairs or individually, can use one of the PhD Shared Offices.

PhD Shared Offices: offices located on the first and second floor of the glass structure behind the desk. IMT users who would like to use a PhD shared office can reserve it here and request a key from the staff during the opening hours. Once at the library, users are required to scan the QRcode at the entrance in order to confirm their presence. Reservation will be canceled in an hour, if the QRcode is not scanned.

PhD Shared Offices are intended to be shared. Please, therefore: do not leave personal items to occupy the Office; do not take the key away with you when leaving the library. 

A study area reserved for institutional users is available on the third floor of the library. Third floor desks have to be reserved on Affluences.

Institutional users can use of the printers located in the library, always taking into account the applicable regulatory limits (copyright law) and respect for the environment. We therefore kindly invite you to only print the materials that are strictly necessary and to use the duplex mode.


General rules of conduct

In the library we kindly invite you to:

  • keep silence;
  • treat the common areas, such as the reading room and the bathrooms, with respect and attention;
  • recycle materials in the appropriate plastic and paper containers;
  • do not leave personal belongings unattended; * request a locker key from library staff;
  • take great care and respect library furnishings and borrowed materials.

Mobile phones must be fully silenced, including vibration. In case you need to carry a conversation or speak out loud, please do so in the Conservatory or outside the library.


In case of emergency

Users are required to immediately leave the property in the event of an alarm.

Please do not stop to retrieve personal items and reach the designated safe area (Piazza San Ponziano) as soon as possible, waiting for directions from staff responsible for security.

Please promptly report any anomalies or problems to library staff.

In case of illness or accidents, please contact library staff to receive first assistance.

During off hours to the public, institutional users can make use of the first aid kit located in the disabled persons bathroom.

A map of the building and main emergency contact numbers are available on the bulletin board at the library entrance.

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