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Interlibrary loan

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) enables IMT users to obtain materials which are not available in our collection, but that are owned by other libraries in Italy and abroad.

The service is also addressed to libraries of other institutions.




ILL service is offered to all IMT institutional users (users under contract). Professors, PhD students, researchers, fellows and visiting professors, guest scholars, and administrative staff of the IMT School are intitled to use the service.

General conditions

Book requests must be sent via email to, providing accurate and complete bibliographic data. It is possible to borrow up to a maximum of 3 books at a time. A limit of 25 books per year is fixed for each user.

The library will not request items that are owned by other public libraries in Lucca.


The service is provided free of charge. In case of damage or loss of the item, the user shall compensate its cost in full.

Loan conditions (delivery time and loan extension)

The average time for requested materials is 10-15 days. Some documents may take longer; if you do not receive notification within 20 days, please contact the Library.

When the item arrives, we will notify you by e-mail. Materials borrowed via Interlibrary Loan must be picked up in person at the library desk.

The loan period usually lasts about 20 days. Renewals must be requested by email sent to before the due date.

N.B.: Interlibrary Loan items are not always eligible for renewal. The extension will be granted or denied by the home library, which has sent the book.

Delays and penalties

In case of late return of volumes, the user will be suspended from the service for a time equal to the accumulated days of delay. No further requests will be taken up during the suspension period.

Books recently published

If the subject of interest is a recently published book and the item is believed to also be useful to other users, it is possible to make a purchase proposal, rather than an interlibrary loan request.



Both italian and foreign libraries can submit their requests by e-mail ( or via ILLSBN (LU0202).

General conditions and charges

Libraries can ask for a maximum of 3 books at a time.

Italian libraries: free of charge

Foreign librairies: 1+1/2 IFLA (for each shipment).

Libraries should ensure that their users respect copyright regulations. Books must be returned via registered mail.