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Remote Access to Electronic Resources

Remote access service allows off-site access (e.g. from home or from abroad) to most the electronic journals and databases for which the Library has a subscription.

To access to electronic resources from remote, it is necessary to be recognized as institutional users of the IMT School and therefore obtain the related rights. In order to do that, you can use two different systems: Proxy or IDEM GARR.


1. Proxy

To access to this service, you need to follow the instructions described at this page (institutional credentials required) in order to correctly set up your browser.


2. Institutional login

The institutional login, available through the IDEM GARR service, allows you to access many electronic resources from outside the School network. It is not necessary to install any software as the authentication process occurs directly in the third-party platform with IMT School credentials. For this reason, the authentication process may vary from resource to resource. However, these are the steps to follow:

  1. access the resource you want to consult;
  2. click on the login / sign-in button to access authentication options, if not automatically displayed;
  3. select the option institutional access: “Institutional Login,”, “Shibboleth login”, “Login via your home institution”, etc. 
  4. select the network “Italy- IDEM GARR” or “Italian Higher Education & Research”;
  5. select our School name;
  6. you finally reach our site where you can enter the credentials of the IMT School: