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Welcome day - Rooted in Lucca, reaching beyond

15 gennaio 2024
Cappella Guinigi, Complesso San Francesco

We are enthusiastic to have new students joining our academic community and we look forward to officially welcoming them to IMT School.

The Welcome Day will provide students with a presentation of the academic programs and some essential information about the school and campus facilities. It's a great opportunity to get acquainted with fellow students and faculty members.

Following the coffee break, a special Mentoring Session will be held by Dr. Diego Colombo, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft.
Mentoring is a road where mentors and mentees walk along, leading to the person they want to be. In this event, the IMT Student and Alumni Association (SAA) will help students understand that creating connections is a relevant tool to make their career plans real. Students will be provided with tips and tricks to get equipped for success, navigating through challenges and growth.
The full program is attached.