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What are the Library's opening hours?IMT Library is open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:30. IMT members can enter every day from 7:30 to 23:45by using the personal badge. A detailed list of planned closures and timetable changes can be consulted   here. 
I am not an IMT member, can I access to the Library?External users can access the Library during the opening hours and enjoy our services and resources by filling in the registration form at the Library desk. 
What is the policy on eating and drinking in the Library?We do encourage you to stay hydrated and take regular breaks whilst studying. You can eat and drink in the room near the restrooms at the ground floor. In this space you can also find snack and drink machines. Everywhere else in the building, we only allow water and covered drinks. This policy is intended to preserve our library materials, computer equipment & furnishings, and to maintain a pleasant, comfortable & hygienic environment for all our users and staff to work in throughout the year. 
I am not an IMT member, can I check my email in the Library?Yes, external users and visitors can use our public computer for 1 hour. Please ask the staff for the activation of a computer. 
Can I access to IMT-Lib wi-fi connection?IMT members can access to the our wi-fi connection by using their IMT credentials received when arrived. External users can ask to the Library staff for a personal password. The waiting time to receive your wi-fi password is 1 working day. 
Can I print from the Library computers?No, it's not possible to print directly from the computers. But you can ask the staff to borrow a USB pen to save your documents and ask to print. 



How many books can I borrow?Different kinds of users have different loan entitlements. Full details of these entitlements can be found here. 
How do I renew my books?You can self-renew your books via the IMT Library Opac at http://imtlucca.comperio.it, by logging in and accessing to 'MyDiscovery' area. You can renew by yourself from the catalogue starting from 5 days before the due date up to 3 days after. You can also contact us by phone or email to ask for a renewal. Books reserved by other users and textbooks cannot be renewed. The number of renewals available depends on the kind of users and the status of the books. For more information, please check this web page. 
Can I reserve a book?Yes, you can reserve a book from the IMT Library Opac at http://imtlucca.comperio.it (you need to logging in) or by email at lib@imtlucca.it. You will receive an email when the book is available in the Library. 
I think I have lost a library book. What should I do?If you have lost a library book issued on your library record, you should contact the Library to discuss providing a replacement copy. Generally, we ask to replace the book yourself with a brand new or a secondhand copy in good condition. Before buying the replacement please make sure that have checked the title, author and the edition to ensure you are replacing like with like. If you are not sure what to do please speak to the library staff. 
The catalogue says that the book I want is on loan for a year or more, is it correct?Yes. Researchers and professors can borrow material till the end of the academic year or till the end of their project. However you can ask us to send a recall notice to the user asking him to return the item.  We will let you know when it is available for collection. 
I have checked out a book but the loan expires in 2 days instead of 1 month, is it correct?Yes, items suggested in reading lists for specific exams are available for a short loan of 2 days. 
There are not enough copies of the book I need. All copies are on loan. What can I do?

The library aims to provide a minimum ratio of one book per ten students for essential texts. But if more copies are needed and funds permit, we can purchase extra copies. We need to find out which books are in greatest demand and you can help by taking these steps:

  • Place a reservation on the book. Assuming you're first in line, as soon as a copy is returned, you will be notified and can borrow it. It also means that library staff are notified of the demand on the book.
  • Complete a book suggestion form, talk to staff at the library's desk to let us know more copies are needed.
What if I need a document not owned by the Library?If IMT Library does not own the book or the article you need, you can request it through our Interlibrary Loan form https://www.imtlucca.it/library/loan-form and we will search the item for you in other Italian or foreign Libraries. The service is provided only for IMT members and is completely free. Conditions can be found here:



How do I know which databases can I access?To check the list of our subscribed databases, please visit this page. 
Can I access to electronic material from home?IMT members can access our electronic resources off campus by following the instruction at the page Remote Access to Electronic Resources. 
Which ebook collections are available?

A. The Library is subscribing the following ebook collections:

  • ebrary: a very huge multidisciplinary collection;
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science;
  • OECD books.
How do I download books from ebrary?It's not necessary to download an ebook to access the content.  Users can simply read an ebook online in their web browser by clicking on a link to the ebook. Anyway users can download a book for offline reading on either their tablet or phone (iOS and Android are supported) using the Bluefire Reader for mobile devices (freely available for iOS devices in the App Store and for Android devices in Google Play). In order to be able to download books, an ebrary profile is required; you can activate your own profile from ebrary portal. 
How can I access to ebrary ebooks?You can find the link to ebrary in the homepage of out Libray Opac and in the list of subscribed databases. Anyway, you can search among ebrary titles form our electronic resources catalogue .



What is IMT Institutional Repository E-prints?IMT E-prints is the official archive for all the publications produced by our faculty. Thanks to the institutional repository, the Library can manage, archive and facilitate dissemination of research materials created by the community members. The repository is freely accessible   here. 
How can I deposit my publications in E-prints?If you are an IMT professor or a researcher, you can self-deposit your publications in our institutional repository. In order to be able to do that, you need to send us an email to request the activation of your profile. Instructions about the use of the repository can be downloaded    here .If you are a PhD student you can send us by email the list of the publications you want to deposit. Please note that only refereed publications can be deposited for students. 
Can I upload the pdf of my publication in E-prints?IMT Library warmly encourage the Open Access practices in order to offer a free fulltext version of the publication and help you in disseminating your works. If you want to know what kind of version you can use in repositories, please consult the website  SHERPA/RoMEO and search for the copyright policies of the journal where your work has been published. If you are not sure on how to proceed, please contact us (link a https://www.imtlucca.it/library/about#contacts) and we will be happy to help you. 
What is IMT e-theses?IMT e-theses is the archive for PhD theses produced by our students. IMT e-theses is freely accessible 
How can I deposit my PhD Thesis in IMT e-thesis repository?

Library staff will deposit your PhD thesis in the repository after discussion.

Why should I decide to deposit my PhD thesis in fulltext version?

The Library warmly suggest you to deposit a fulltext version of your thesis under Creative Commons License because:

  • it improves the dissemination, retrieval and impact of the thesis in the scientific community (e-theses is indexed in Google Scholar);
  • It prevents plagiarism: It’s easier to find text snippets by entering them into a search engine such as Google and plagiarism detection software like Turnitin compares work against freely available internet sources like open access e-theses.
I want to restrict access to my thesis. What are the qualifying reasons?If you wish to restrict access to the electronic version of your thesis, you should state this on your “Declaration for the PhD Thesis commitment through telematics procedure” form by authorizing IMT to deposit only specified parts of your thesis (for exemple only TOC and abstract pages, or only some of the chapters). If the reason for restricting access is a concern for your personal safety, access can be restricted permanently or indefinitely. If you wish to restrict the access because you thesis is a subject of a patent or a copyright claim, you can decide to request an embargo period of a maximum of 36 months, after that the fulltext of your thesis will be available for download. If you are still not sure on which version you have to deposit, we suggest you to  contact us to plan a brief meeting to help you to make the right choice.